Gorilla Studio

Jump-start pre-production

The quickest way to get ready to shoot.

Import Your Script

Create call sheets with just a few simple clicks. Production board, scene breakdowns, and budget are generated automatically.

Stay Organized

Store any file you need for your production including headshots, location photos, storyboards, scripts, and even receipts. Access them from any device anywhere.

Stay Connected

Collaborate anywhere. Use your phone on set to change tomorrow's schooting schedule and email new call sheets to everybody with one click.

The software was such a lifesaver!

Travis Oberlander - Producer (Layover)

Features at a Glance


Drag and drop scenes right onto your shooting calendar.

Call Sheets

There are three styles of call sheets to choose from. Start a new one with just a few clicks.


Much of your budget is automatically calculated. Easily fill in the rest.

Scene Breakdowns

View your script side-by-side with your scene breakdown.

Script Editing

It isn't a screenwriting software but you can easily edit a script. Gorilla Studio uses Fountain format.

Production Board

Production boards are automatically generated when you import your script.


Assign tasks to everybody you're collaborating with.


Add pictures to cast, locations, props, and wardrobe. Great for casting, scouting, and continuity.


Really collaborate by sharing your thoughts on any part of the production.


Save any type of file so that you can access and share them no matter where you're at.


Email call sheets and calendar invitations to your cast and crew from within Gorilla Studio with one click.


Cast list is automatically created when you import your script.


Contact information, rates, and effortless notification of schedule.


Set contruction, cost, and one click to Google Maps.


Track every phone, every gun, and anything else that appears on screen.

Action Props

Planes, trains, and automobiles.


Every shirt, every jacket, and every hat.